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Heating & Air Conditioning
I have been heating & airconditioning since the age of ten
when my father would take me out in the summer to help him.
        By the age of fifteen I was installing by myself in Calif.
        In Utah I learned to do the sheet and heating side of the industry.
In Indiana I just did industrial and commerical HVAC.
        I moved back to Utah and I owned Harvey Heating & Air Conditioning
for ten years and we did it all.

I like to set up Unix and Linux servers with windows clients.

Sound & Lighting
I specialize theater but we also do outdoor events and dances.
        Sara has been Journeyman stagehand for eleven years.
        She has been focusing on lighting design since her first year in college
she has a degree in technical theater. I worked with the stagehand
union local 30 for five years in all areas of the industry. I now specialize in
        P.A. sound systems. We have rental in sound equipment only.